In addition to traditional 2D plans, SurveyCloud provides high quality 3D CAD models and Building Information Models (BIM) of both existing and proposed buildings. We use cutting edge, high-end CGI software, running on powerful Mac computers to produce stunning images and animations. This allows us to share accurate information with our clients and collaborators in a clear and compelling way. The models really come into their own when applied to proposed schemes, allowing us to visualise proposals throughout the design process whilst allowing clients to play with internal layouts to see what best suits them and their lifestyle. Proposed designs can be evaluated, tested and necessary updates made prior to final design.


We take 3D services to the next level by sharing our designs via models stored in the cloud. We can export our designs to a web-based interface and enable ‘game-like’ controls and realistic walkthrough experiences of the 3D models for improved communication with clients. You can walk from room to room and decide on lighting, textures, colours and shapes, enabling you to realise your designs and ideas. This provides a more immersive 3D experience enabling clients and collaborators to fully experience our designs.


We provide high-quality photorealistic and stylized non-photorealistic rendered models for stunning images and animations. The 3D visuals provide clear and accurate illustrations of both the interior and exterior of properties.


We can build BIM models in 3D by combining IFC-compatible BIM objects and tools with 3D CAD models and coordinate them with information in specification systems. We can attach information to any design element and use powerful two-way worksheets to generate schedules and reports for elements such as doors, windows and finishes. Models and data can be imported and exported across a wide range of file formats enabling sharing and collaboration across programs and platforms.


We can provide daylight analysis of buildings and spaces with solar animations that show the way the sun changes during the day and over seasons. We set the date and time and create videos of orbital, path and solar animations. This is helpful when making detailed and quantified design decisions such as specifying glazed elements and selecting materials for reflectivity.