Building Surveying

Existing plans, drawings & reports


Over 25 years experience in measured building surveys of domestic properties, offices, industrial and historic buildings. We produce accurate, technically informative and well laid out plans & drawings of floors, ceilings, roofs and lofts; internal & external elevations; sections; area measurements and topographic detail.


We specialise in measured building surveys of listed buildings & heritage buildings using advanced surveying techniques and equipment such as laser scanners & total stations. The surveys produce accurate floor plans, elevations, sections and 3D models providing a detailed representation of the existing condition & architectural features.


We are measurement experts and equipped with cutting-edge Leica 3D laser scanning hardware and software enabling us to document any structure or environment faster, safer and more efficiently. We can quickly capture data in the field and deliver traditional 2D and 3D models of buildings enabling the production of visualisations, walkthroughs, solar animations & virtual reality.


We have extensive knowledge & expertise in undertaking specialist investigations where there are defects or concerns about part of a buildings structure or fabric, such as cracking, movement and damp. We investigate, assess and report on the problem areas and include an invasive inspection where required.