We are mature, experienced land surveyors, with the specialist knowledge and expertise to produce clear, precise surveys, tailored to your specific requirements. We are fully equipped to undertake a wide variety of land surveys, ranging from fully detailed topographic surveys, through to measured building surveys, boundaries, engineering and CAD drawing. We utilise the latest Leica hardware and survey software to produce accurate and reliable drawings on which to base projects. Our technically informative and well laid out plans and drawings are essential for understanding a project’s potential. The surveys can be part of a project with us or provided to other private individuals, architects, surveyors and builders.


Our surveys range from fully detailed 2D and 3D topographic surveys of all significant visible above ground features, 3D digital terrain models (DTM), site volume calculations, to a basic boundary and level survey. The level of detail can be tailored to your specification.


We undertake measured building surveys of domestic properties, offices, industrial and historic buildings. We produce existing plans of floors, ceilings, roofs and lofts; external & internal elevations; sections; land registry plans and surveys of fixtures & fittings.


We provide engineering surveys for the various stages of the construction process. From existing topographic plans prior to any construction works; control surveys, levelling and setting out in both plan and height during the build and finally as-built surveys post construction.


Our studio is equipped with powerful Mac Pro computers producing both 2D and 3D CAD drawings in a wide range of software formats alongside the more traditional hard copy drawings on paper.